Effective Ways to Refresh Yourself

Getting bored? Or Tired with huge workload? Or trying to figure out what to do when there’s so many things to do? This kind of things happens to almost everyone. Boredom occurs when we our brain get tired of doing the same task again and again. We should refresh our brain and mind to get our work done. While in college when I start studying for my Semester exams, seeing that huge book with never-ending syllabus; I used to get nervous and scared, thinking when will I complete this damn thing? After studying for a few hours I used to get bored and tired. Obviously! We don’t study for the complete semester, and to complete that all in one day, you need lots of energy. So that time I used to use a few techniques to refresh myself. Here are those techniques to refresh you.



One of my friends watches a movie and studies at together. Not simultaneously but after few hours of study, he starts his laptop and continue the movie for some time. And then again continues with the movie. I wonder how he does manage these two critical things together. After a little fatigue we must fool our brain by distracting it from the actual same kind of boring work. The movie would be a good idea here. Select a comedy or animated movie, the one where you don’t need to use your brain. Or watch TV for some time. Refresh yourself and again get back to the work!



Yeah, take your bike and come on the roads. Preferably select silent and empty road. Just drive slowly, feel those cool breezes coming in your way. Ride by the marine drive if possible or go with a garden. Sometimes getting out of those four walls helps a lot. Boredom comes from the same place too. Try different places for that matter. Ride for a few kilometers and then take a U turn and come home again. Have some cold water or orange juice and get back to your work. You will really feel relieved and bliss.



A short walk to the nearest park or just roam here and there on your terrace. It always helps. Look at the sky; hope for high hopes. If your friend lives nearby call her and both of you go for a walk. Visit the nearest garden or just go to some street food cart and have some of those. ;-) Have fun! You are on the break from your work. Don’t think of that now. This is just a break to keep your brain in pause mode; making it feel healthy, and if you think about your work during your break; how can your brain take a rest? So better stop thinking and start walking!



Who loves gossips?? Girls! A common and obvious answer. But let me tell you something, everyone loves gossips; men keep it limited but once they meet their old friends they talk for the whole night. You might have seen this. You can do your chit-chat in between your work, in your brakes too. And this thing is here in this list for a reason, that gossiping helps in speeding up our brain’s neural activities. That’s why it is recommended to gossip ;-) to refresh yourself!



When I am very tensed, I go out of my home, go to any silent and calm place and dial my old friend’s number. I talk to him. We talk for hours. He shares his life events with me and I make him believe that only my life is the most miserable one. We laugh! We cry and we feel good!! Call one of your friends at random, whom you haven’t met for years. Talk with him. Ask him how he is. These small acts refreshes our mind. Try it once! :-)




Some of the most recent research suggests that a bad night’s sleep can stress the body as well as the mind. One such study, suggests that missing sleep throws the body’s metabolism off kilter. How can you avoid your sleep for the sake of your work? It is dangerous! Do you know anything about power nap. Yes, a nap that boosts your brain and its power so that it can function in good manner. Naps can restore alertness, enhance performance, and reduce mistakes and accidents. A study at NASA on sleepy military pilots and astronauts found that a 40-minute nap improved performance by 34% and alertness 100%.





Some of the most recent research suggests that a bad night’s sleep can stress the body as well as the mind. One such study, suggests that missing sleep throws the body’s metabolism off kilter. How can you avoid your sleep for the sake of your work? It is dangerous! Do you know anything about power nap. Yes, a nap that boosts your brain and its power so that it can function in good manner. Naps can restore alertness, enhance performance, and reduce mistakes and accidents. A study at NASA on sleepy military pilots and astronauts found that a 40-minute nap improved performance by 34% and alertness 100%.



It is my favorite one. I love to take showers. While taking shower, I listen to my favorite playlist on my mp3 player. Night showers are relaxing and they help ease your mind, resulting in lovely dreams of ice cream rivers and trains that travel to the North Pole.i have a friend who take shower for 4 times a day. Morning-afternoon-evening-night; I wonder how can he spend so much of his time in the bathroom? Lol ; -D A hot shower helps you relax your mind and keep you calm!



Yes! Meditation is a great tool to keep your mind cool. It is the technique by which old saints had used to control their subconscious mind. No! I am not asking you to control your subconscious mind, I am just asking you to sit on the floor, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Feel that oxygen reaching to your lungs. Feel its movement inside your body. Release freely the impure carbon Di-oxide outside. Doing this for 10 to 20 times, refreshes you. Try this once, it will improve retarding your fatigue. You will feel fresh and alive.



They say, music is the soul of our mind. Have you ever noticed, the song you hear first time in the morning, is the song you keep humming all the day. Why is it so? The reason is that our mind is fresh and in good mood in the morning, and remembrance is at its peak in the early morning. When we feel sad and down, we listen to some refreshing song to cheer ourselves up. And in the next moment we forget all the tension. I know it’s not that easy but music brings peace and refreshes us. Listen ‘Blowin in the wind’ by Bob Dylan; it is very soothing and relaxed song.

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Habits that Can Make You an Adorable Personality

We wish all our life to move from the crowd and establish our own identity. May it be your professional life or personal life you often end up messing with people, hurting those you care for and irritating those around. These are traits of negativity which spoils your future prospects. An adorable personality isn’t a result of some key words, it is a nature of a person which shall attract those around, the pleasing personality that shall not only make them confident as well doesn’t withdraw on his work. Adorable is attractive it is when a person respects you and even likes you, an adorable person is perfect in every trait and takes care of the emotions of those around with perfectionism. Your personality is your choice, if you chose to be the spoil sport of the crowd, the one who’s shouting all the time, you will have a horrible time pleasing anyone down the road.



You talk to him/her and you are suddenly astonished by their understanding of situations. Intelligence is one of the most attractive or sexy traits in a person for it is alluring to see someone knowledgeable, learn from them and make interactions fruitful. An intelligent person knows the result and consequences of situations and hence always thinks before he acts. On the other hand a dumb person can often be irritating and a pull off at situations where you cannot take their ignorance.



No one like criticism but unfortunately  we are filled with criticizers who leave no stone un-turned to pull us down. In this business, once in a blue moon coming across a person who admires and appreciates are positive traits make us surprisingly happy. An appreciative person takes care of the emotions of a person and tries to keep them cheerful by acknowledging their good traits. This doesn’t mean they are lying but rather focusing on the best outcomes rather than pin pointing errors.



A person who plans of his after party, is a winner in his mind already while a person who fears failure often eventually leads to it. It is hence important to keep up a positive attitude, expecting a wonderful outcome meanwhile being prepared of the consequences. But a negative person, spreads his/her negativity all around, their words are brutal to hear and often make the situation worse than encouraging. Hence the one who is positive in his words and acts is likable to people around. Positivist has the energy to solve the problems we face each day, hence a positive person tends to follow the circle of life and is therefore forced to stay as positive as possible.



Quite often you see an angry man shouting at his family or people fighting on the road or kids crying, this often leads you to spoil your own mood or move to a different direction. Whereas you are always attracted by a smiling face, that face immediately lightens up your day. A cheerful good morning makes you feel rejuvenated and the stress of a bad day fades away. A smiling face is one the most attractive trait in a pleasing personality. Let the notice of you coming bring a smile on every employee in your office, it surely helps creating good partnerships as well as friends.



You wouldn’t like a sugar coated enemy who would stab behind your back. What would be better a harsh friend who would examine and review your acts in the most honest way possible. An honest critic can help you take the right decisions in life which might seem hard and wrong at the start but would eventually make you realize the wisdom of such personalities. We all need the reviews that can help us grow and become productive creatures hence those who are honest are always trusted more over the worldly people in the crowd.



No one likes a person with a big fat ego, this ego defies your understanding of right or wrong and makes you focus on the unwanted stuff.Suddenly we are no more bothered by the discussion, but focus shifts to giving a reply so that we do not loose the argument. This trait of ego, is not pleasing to those around and hence should be avoided. A person who accepts his mistake and is gracious enough to apologize is considered to be adorable.



Nobody likes pretentious people who stab you from behind when time comes, on the contrary genuity is respect and adored. Genuine people gain respect of those around and are easier to trust. If you are genuine in your dealings and efforts, people offer you their help as well gain support from your words for they know they are honest opinions. While it is easier to be genuine on face it is difficult to practice it all the time hence is a difficult trait to be attained.  It’s a natural human inclination to strive to be surrounded by people…even when those people drain us.But to be really genuine you need to differentiate between your friends and foe, your good and bad in a more stern manner. Often we call ourselves genuine but our traits are full of falseness all day long hence we need to decide our limits and how much would we let our self get vulnerable?



When a friend can open to you in the time of need and accept you to welcome her condition with open arms is when they start adoring you. Not everyone has a tendency to accept the person as they are as well as show genuine concern. In this hoax world people run away when time comes, they shrug away from their duties and often try to play the blame game. Only a few section of the population is actually concerned about your well being and prosperity without the plots of jealousy. These people not only gain your respect but also become extremely likable.



Dressing isn’t always about expensive and branded clothes, it is moreover none of that. A person having the etiquette and elegance to carry himself/ herself in a decent and dignified manner makes you like them in the first instance.  Untidy dress and badly kept hair make you dislike the person in the first meeting for all you can judge them at that moment is by their clothes. We cannot avoid the fact that cleanliness and looks make us approach a person with positive notions sometimes being hoaxed by their looks !Hence a good dressing sense makes us attractive and a crowd puller of positiveness.



Discussions shouldn’t be made to put up our point but to find out the right point. If a person is always interested in living himself/herself wrong undisturbed by the reality is disliked by people. Often you are asked to choose between the fair group and the crowded group, at that instance rather than taking hasty decisions and forcefully making people to accept our notion we should try and listen to their grievances and point of view. Hence a good listener makes people open up to them, making them look adorable and friendly.


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Amazing Facts about Brain you don’t know

Amazing Facts about Brain you don’t know

Brain is considered to be the most essential part of human existence which is responsible for the ability to think, express, feel, etc. or in simple words it controls our voluntary as well as involuntary actions such as to breathe etc. which is the most important
thing to survive. It is made up of 75% of water and the brain is the one which helps to develop our own self and increase our
personality. Since the pattern of the brain changes with time, the functioning of the brain also changes with the person. There are …


According to the researchers, there is a Midbrain Dopamine System(MDS) that provides signals to the rest of the brain about the nonoccurred events which brings out the prediction events. This was known through the help of using Functional MRI. This
predicting ability of the brain helps to maintain the mentality level which keeps on updating with the changing environment. It
can be said that the predictions made by the brain is a part of smooth consciousness that sometimes comes out to be right due to the
conclusions drawn from the recent patterns or the past experiences. Thus, every time brains sees an event it tries to predict its future from that point of time.


The parents who get worried about their teen children should relax because the brains of teenagers are not fully developed but the
teen attitude is just a part of the brain development. The gray matter of the brain develops just before puberty and is pushed
back to period of adolescence when the massive development changes occur in the frontal lobes which are responsible for
decision making any giving judgments. In a research analysis, it has been shown that the parts of the brain responsible for multitasking do not get matured until the age of 17. And while performing any action, teens less likely than adults do not have the feeling of empathy or guilt so they learn it by socializing with others.


It is always said that a good night sleep is important for a human being. But nobody knows the main reason behind it. During the
day brain does lots of activities which needs to be remembered so, night sleep is the best way to remember all those work done
throughout the day as it also helps to stabilize our memories. Many scientists believe it is way to enhance the emotions and
interactions of our daily life or processing up the information and events occurred that is why dreams appear.
The brain consists of two forms of movements: REM-Rapid Eye Movement where sleep is heavy and during which
dreams occur in mind making the brain more active. Thus, people experience several
events in one night sleep. Other is NREM-Non Rapid Eye Movement where people do net get much sleep and there is no or little eye movement. It is often considered as a deeper stage of sleep where people can dream occasionally but since it’s not as conscious as REM sleep people tend to forget their dreams. Research has shown that people having more IQ’s get more REM sleep whereas people suffering from physical stress get NREM sleep. 


Women brains are considered to be smaller than men, but the nerve cells and the cortex of brain is larger and organized which makes
them smarter than men allowing them to work more efficiently. The ability of thinking, identifying and controlling emotionally and
using language skills is more in women but the ability to think logically is a part of man’s brain. Men have more ability of performing
spatial activities than women. It means that the men use only their left side of the brain often called rational or logical
side of the brain to perform their task whereas women use both the sides of their brain which means they transfer the vibes to
dontknow% 2F) both left and right sides at a faster speed. Thus according to researches being conducted it has been said that most of the men and women have some skills in common and some still find the differences between brains of men and women.


Since the body weight of a human is 2%, the brain consumes energy of about 20% produced by the body. This is so because
brain is responsible for memorizing, sensing etc. so energy is required for all these purposes along with a little amount of
oxygen that is required both during sleeping and while being awake. If the required amount of energy is not supplied to the brain
or the central nervous system then it may lead to disorders like stroke. In a research it has been shown that a large
amount of energy is correlated with the active signal processing and more of the energy is consumed while doing a mental


Scientists have conducted researches on the different sizes of brain. According to them, people having big heads have larger brain
with high level of IQ”s being more intelligent and clever than the people having smaller heads. The smaller heads are considered to
be least intellectual and focused and the people who have larger brains are considered intelligent because of more brain
cells. According to researchers the size of the head only predicts the size of the brain. They found that Einstein’s scientific genius brain was different from the other scientists because of high ratio of the neurons. Another famous example is Ung Young who
already understood algebra at the age of 8 months, by the age of 2 got fluent in 4 languages and graduated at the age of 15.


Pain is something which the brain gives us as a warning signal of something happened. Since the brain itself is not a sensory organ
but gives us commands through the sensory organs such as eyes , skin, tongue etc. if something pains us. The brain is considered
to lack pain receptors that is why it is not able to detect things. But we still get headache that is due to some sensitive structure around the brain because brain has no nerves present in it. The main function of the brain is to warn us against a
particular danger by sending signals through the spinal cord. Since the brain is numb to pain so surgeons
can perform brain operation even if the patient is awake to ensure that there is not any kind of problems in the vision or motor
control functions. 


This is known to every human that are brain works as a single part but it is an unknown fact that the brain works into two different
functions. The Right brain works and is oriented visually and conceptually while the Left brain thinks more rationally and
analytically. The brain’s right side controls the muscles of left side of the body whereas the left brain controls the muscles of right side of the body. Thus the brain assigns and control functions to each side carefully. They help to correct the images which are actually
inverted. Most of the analysts believe that left side of the brain is responsible for the language communication whereas the right side is responsible for recognizing people. And due to this crisscross wiring, damage to one side of the brain affects the other side of
the body.


Neurons are the cells within the nervous system that pass on information to other nerve cells or muscles through electrical and
chemical signals. Whenever we think, laugh, move , talk etc. it is because of these signals are running between these neurons along
billions of other tiny neurons which create and send large number of messages. Thus, if a single neuron generates a single
amount of electricity, all the other neurons together generates so much amount of electricity that it can power up a light bulb.
They send information to brain at more than 150 miles per hour. Researchers have found out that special cells called Glia in the brain transport nutrients to neurons and hold the neurons at their place.


Has anybody thought what is the reason behind being smart? It is because of the wrinkles present in the brain. The top of the
brain is convoluted by deep fissures , smaller grooves called Sulci and ridges called Gyri whose surface is the Cerebral Cortex where
neurons are located. Because of this we are able to store so much of information which creates more wrinkles making us think
intelligently. Since humans have a bigger size brain than animals, humans have have more capacity to produce neurons which creates wrinkles indicating the limit how much humans can learn. But the wrinkles with which we are born stays throughout our life keeping our brain healthy.Thus it can be said that brain is the vital organ of the body without which a human body is numb. 




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10 Skills everyone must have

10 Skills everyone must have:

Some people, they just dream of success, power, luxury and respect and then there are others who work hard to make all their
dreams come true. Dreaming big is not at all  a crime but aiming low is, if you are not the one working hard for your dreams then who
else will. No matter what your academic score is or how many medals you have if you are not in possession of certain skills then
you might as well be disappointed when you face the reality of life. Some of you must have studied real hard, completed your syllabus,
nailed the exam, scored high but the moment you step out of your beautiful dreaming zone  you get to know that your “GPA” is actually
of no relevance because you realize the truth that almost every other person outside has academically excelled.
So, what now? What you should do? Can you ever gain a competitive edge over others? Well yes, here we have a solution to all your
problems; you don’t have to lose hope or be a pessimist. Always remember, it’s never too late to learn something new. If you think you
already have lost the battle, then of course you have but it’s only because you thought so and not at all because you don’t have it in
you. All you need in life to become a great success story is positive attitude and the must have skills mentioned below  –

10. Adaptability –

The ability to adapt yourself to the ever changing environment can help you reach the pinnacle. Adaptability has now become
even more important than ever because things are now changing at much higher pace and the ones who are not flexible enough
becomes obsolete. There is a most popular saying by Charles Darwin which goes like, “Its not the strongest of the species that
survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Change is the only
thing that remains constant and there is no need to spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about what you don’t have, it’s time
you take a step towards change.

9. Innovative Thinking-

Innovation is simply the generation of new ideas that are creative and was not earlier thought of. With growing competition
people have started looking for difference and all the successful entrepreneurs may not have university degrees but what they have is
better than the rest. They have the power to create and to think beyond imagination, they have the will to follow their heart and guts to
risk everything for what they believe in. If you imagine and have ideas on which people laugh, you are almost there for what they
think is impossible is your way to success, you may not be able to make it happen but we promise it would definitely be worth a try.

8. Convincing Power –

In life whether you are on top or on bottom you need to be convincing about your ideas, your perspective and moreover your
viewpoint. Encouraging others to adopt your views when they totally have a different stand on the same thing is quite a task to
accomplish. For making them believe in you, first you have be sure about your perspective and then have to look at the situation from
the other end of the line in order to consider their viewpoint. When you want to persuade someone, you have to pay attention on how
the person is reacting to your information.Never defy others opinion, be sensible and polite when you know that it’s you who want
them to be convinced.

7. Personal Branding –

To build a personal brand from scratch is a difficult and crucial process, but once you have branded your personality the world will
always remember you as an individual. Your brand is what people say about you when you are not around and therefore you have
to develop a personality that speaks for you even when words doesn’t spell out of your mouth. Nowadays, it’s all about having skills
that can make your presence felt. Social networks are playing a very important role in the recruitment process and therefore, you
have to be careful about the information you display publicly on your profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace. Be confident, decently dressed and positive, and there you are, half your brand has already been built.

6. Computer Operating Skills –

Computer operating skills are considered an asset in the modern era and why wouldn’t it be, we are living in the age of computers. To
keep abreast of the time, everybody should have computer knowledge if they don’t want to loose hope in their careers. By computer
knowledge and skills we mean knowing the basics of operating system, Tally and MSOffice esp. PowerPoint and Excel. No matter
what your educational background is if you do not possess computer operating skills then sadly you would just be a part of the
crowd that spends half the time of their life browsing or chatting. It’s high time that you open that spreadsheet program on your PC
called Microsoft Office Excel and start working on it, if at all you think you already know enough then install Excel 2013 and think again.

5. Problem-Solving Ability –

Problem solving is an essential skill and it can make a huge difference in your career.Problems can be big or small, difficult or
easy but regardless of the type of problem it is important to focus on the solution. It’s a proven fact by the neuroscientists that if you
focus on the problem then your brain will not be able to find solutions for the simple reason that you have blocked your brain with
negativity. Have an open mind and consider all possible solution without getting scared so that you can employ unique ideas to reach
at a fresh solution. Never let negative emotions rule your mind when you are solving a problem and when you do that it’s
important that you keep things simple and less complicated.

4. Decision-Making Skills –

Tell me about one person who doesn’t regret the decision s/he has made and I will tell you about the one who is being dishonest. Come on, we all make some bad decisions in life which we regret later but that is a part of life,after all, a man is defined by the choices he make. Many times we have to decide on the most beneficial course of action from a list of alternatives for making a right decision. To avoid decision – making is very easy but to make your own decision and then to accept its consequences is a sign of a good leader.It’s important to inculcate good decisionmaking skills so that there are less regrets and more confidence. Understanding of the
situation, knowing the exact consequences and having the required knowledge can help you take an informed decision which is not
taken on impulse.

3. Analytical skills –

Complications have become an inevitable part of our life, every day we have to deal with some or the other problem and therefore effective analytical skills are important so that the complex situations don’t snatch away our peace of mind. Analytical skills help us view a problem from several angles so that we can break it down into smaller parts. Each and every competitive exam tests the ability of a person to analyse data, articulate and respond with consistency and for anyone who is looking forward to build a career par excellence, then importance of analytical skills cannot be overstated. If you have a dream to work in companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple or JP Morgan then from now on spend some hours of your life everyday developing this skill.

2. Time Management –

Effective time management starts with a commitment to change and is also important in many other aspects of life. It many seem to
be an easy skill to acquire but trust me it’s the hardest to implement. The key to time management is planning and organising, if
you don’t have an organised plan then you are clearly wasting your time. Sometimes you may feel that you don’t get time to do what
you want and you end up taking stress which ruins everything up. The basic thing you have to keep in mind to beat the time is stop
wasting it. Focus on your priorities and don’t give much weightage to the non-productive tasks. Remember, that it’s impossible to get
everything done so stay calm and disciplined for “You can have it all. Just not all at once.”

1. Communication Skills –

Communication is an important facet of life and no real and effective work could ever be carried out without communication skills.
The ability to speak effectively, listen patiently and write appropriately is the most important of all skills. Therefore, you should
focus every ounce of your energy in improving the way you communicate. Being able to communicate properly can help you
acquire many other skills like presentation, expression and confidence. Communication is an intangible asset and is a key instrument
in building relationship with your colleagues and employers. It’s important to note that even when you don’t speak you tell a great
deal about your personality to others through your body language and dressing style so now we hope that you develop these skills and succeed in life.

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Live Life …!

  • When you wake up in the morning, look into the mirror and tell yourself that you’ve made it this far in life and you’re not going to let anything or anyone put you down.

  • Make goals for yourself, not expectations.

  • You are the only one who truly knows you. Love yourself and others may follow suit.

  • Remember to live everyday like it’s your last. Who knows when it might end? Who cares what other people think as long as your thinking positive and feeling good? Show them who’s boss. Enjoying everyday with a smile on your face is the best way forward.

  • Stop being a perfectionist. Nothing and no one is perfect. High standards have their place, but your daily life is going to have pitfalls and flaws. Accept them as learning experiences and move on.

  • Be thankful for what you have. A lot of the times, at the root of insecurity and lack of confidence is a feeling of not having enough of something, whether it’s emotional validation, good luck, money, etc. By acknowledging and appreciating what you do have, you can combat the feeling of being incomplete and unsatisfied. Finding that inner peace will do wonders for your confidence.

  • You must appear more confident. When you walk, focus on where you’re going. Make sure you sit up straight.

  • Speak positively. When you hear yourself saying something negative about yourself, instantly replace it with a positive comment.

  • Sometimes people will say mean things because they are jealous of you! Remember to smile and enjoy life because it’s very short.

  • Tell yourself every single morning when you get up, “Wow! I look great today!”

  • Every day, make a list in your head of everything good about yourself. Say thank you silently in your head for each thing on your list.

  • Retrain your inner voice. In situations where you believe you lack confidence, realize that your inner voice is telling you negative things. You need to retrain that inner voice to be positive at those times.

  • Every time you pass a mirror or a reflection of yourself, give yourself a compliment in your mind. Keep this up until you see the compliment as a fact about yourself.

  • It’s odd, even hard at first, but imagine yourself in various situations where you display confidence, wit, or leadership. By simply picturing yourself doing such things, being self-confident becomes less of a foreign concept and you begin to believe that you can.

  • Consider attending leadership classes. Learn to take control of things. If you are in school, then consider running for a social position, such as a president of a club. The ability to lead others and respond to others’ behavior under your leadership will help to bring you self confidence.


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How to be Confident

How to be Confident

Embrace your interests: If there’s a sport or hobby you’ve always wanted to be good at, now’s the time! Improving your skills will reinforce that you are talented, and subsequently boost your confidence. Learn a musical instrument or a foreign language, take up an art form like painting, start building projects — whatever it is that catches your interest.

    • Don’t get discouraged if you’re not immediately awesome. Remember that learning is a process, and you’re in it for the small victories and the relaxing recreation time, not to be the best ever.

    • Take up a hobby you can do with a group. Finding like-minded people who share your interests can be an easy way to make friends and build confidence. Look around your community for groups you can join, or find kinship with fellow hobbyists.

    • Talk to strangers : Straight up, confidence is more than just a state of mind — it’s habit. That’s all humans really are. So in order to be confident, you’ve gotta do confident things. One of those is making conversation with strangers. It’s intimidating at first, but with each time you’ll be more and more unphased.

    •  No, that won’t creep strangers out unless you’re a smelly, aggressive Quasimodo-looking KKK member. If someone says, “Hey!”, smiles at you, and asks you whether they should go to Starbucks or Coffee Bean, how are you going to feel? Probably good. Everybody likes to be the hero, talk to other people, and be spontaneous. You’re just brightening up their otherwise dull day.

    • You don’t have opportunities, huh? How about the barista at your coffee shop? The girl at the check-out counter of your grocery store? Random strangers you pass on the street?  

    • 2. Don’t over-apologize : Being able to say you’re sorry is a good trait (and something too many people struggle with). However, be careful to say it only when necessary. Apologizing when you’ve slighted or inconvenienced someone is polite; apologizing when you haven’t done anything wrong, though, can make you feel subordinate and like youshould be sorry. Before it slips out of your mouth, take a second to make sure this is a situation that actually needs an apology from you.

    • 3. Use workarounds: You can express your sympathy or regret without actually apologizing. For instance, if you’re worried about inconveniencing someone, you could say “I hope this hasn’t been too much trouble” instead of automatically reverting to “I’m sorry.”

    • Apologizing needlessly makes you seem unsure of yourself. That doesn’t make sense because you are inferior to no one. Why apologize if you didn’t do anything wrong? After all, do you really mean it? And if you apologize all the time, it loses value. Being sorry for everything means you’re sorry for nothing. Think of “I’m sorry” like “I love you.” It should only be said with care.

    • 4. Accept compliments gracefully : Don’t just roll your eyes and shrug it off — own it! You deserved it! Make eye contact, smile, and say “thank you.” Being nice about it when someone else wants to compliment you doesn’t compromise your humility; it shows that you’re polite and have a secure sense of self-worth.

    • Pay a compliment in return : If you’re still uncomfortable taking compliments, try giving one back after you’ve accepted. This can help you feel like the score is “even” and you haven’t been too prideful.

    • 5. Build your confidence by helping other : Take time to pay someone else a compliment, or do an unannounced good deed. You’ll brighten their day, and you’ll feel better about yourself. When you become a source for positivity, others will seek to be around you, bolstering the good vibes.

    • Lots of people aren’t good at receiving compliments. Odds are if you give someone one they’ll respond with one in turn. Just make sure you mean it or they might respond skeptically — “Hey, I really like that shirt you’re wearing. Was it made in China?” might not get the best response.

    • 6. Drop those who bring you down : It’s hard to be confident in a group of people that you feel are constantly judging you. You could naturally be the most extroverted, loud, self-assured person, but with these people, you turn into a puppy dog that hasn’t been cared for well enough. Those people need to be dropped like a bad habit. And now.

    • It’s important that you surround yourself with others who you feel make you feel like you’re the best version of you there could possibly be. It’s only around these people that you’ll be able to make the growth you want to (and can!) make.

    • 7. Slow down : A lot of people don’t do crowds Even more people don’t do public speaking. If you find yourself in one of these arenas, it’s important to slow down. When we’re nervous, we tend to speed up just to get everything over with. Don’t do that. It’s clue one that you’re nervous. And you’re cuing yourself that you’re nervous too!

    • Point number one is breathe. When we take short, sharp breaths, we’re cuing ourselves to fight or flight. Cut that out and you calm down a notch automatically. Humans aren’t rocket science, luckily.

    • Point number two is to consciously slow down your actions. Think of a six-year-old on a sugar high — that’s you right now. Match your actions to your breathing. Bingo. Serenity.

    • 8. Expect success : A lot of life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. When we think we’ll fail, we don’t really try as hard. When we think we’re not good enough, we often act not good enough. If you expect success, you may just draw it out. Pessimism can actually undermine your abilities.

    • Right now you’re probably saying, “I’m no accurate predictor of the future! Expecting success isn’t logical — weren’t you just pushing logic a second ago?!” Well, yes, but think of it this way: you often expect failure, so why not expect success? They’re both possible circumstances and in most, one is not more likely than the other. BOOM. Schooled.

    • 9. Take risks : Sometimes the only way out is through. In order to get good at life, you’ve gotta encounter experiences that force you to learn. You can’t be awesome at it right off the bat. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll never get better at…anything. You gotta take chances to grow.

    • Failure is inevitable. It always happens. And it doesn’t matter. The only part that matters is that you get back up. Everyone experiences set backs, but not everyone gets back up. It’s the getting back up that builds confidence, and you’ve got to fail in the first place to do so.

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Software industry Issues

Today the software industry is facing the following issues:-

Re usability

Re-usability :- In software development it is not a easy task to write a
complex software .It is not enough to put the chain of code together for software development. We need sound structure techniques for this which can be used in other software development also.

Portability :- Now days there are variety of devices are available for the communication like smart phone, tablets, smart TV, laptops. So the portability required in the software you are going to develop now days

Security :- We in daily life deal with internet so frequently in this deal we transact with our private information, our bank account information etc. So if we are going to develop a software now a day we have to keep in mind the security should not lack in any case.

Integrity :- When we talk about integrity it mean compact means everything should be at one place.The software which you are going to develop it should be integrated with the technology so far we are using and should fit in the future environment also.

Friendliness :- We know that no one want to wast the time in busy life so when it come to save the time then the first thing come in the mind is easy to do the things in quick manner.So the software developed should be easy to use and friendliness so that user can interact with it without any essential training.

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